Re: Suspend/sleep with 2.6

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On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 12:52, Philip Balister wrote:
> I have my Dell 600m running with 2.6-test10 from arjanv rpm. I only
> installed the kernel rpm.
> Does anyone know how to play with sleep/suspend using the 2.6 kernel?
> I've also noticed the no sound until you run soundconfig behavior someone
> else reported.
> Philip
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Reading this post, I just remembered that I had a similar problem (no
sound) with Redhat 9.0. Maybe this is different but, I had to open the
volume control before the sound would work. I found that by putting the
volume control on the panel (I think that's what the tool bar thing is
called) fixed the problem... At least it fixed the problem as soon as
the panel came up.

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