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Em Seg, 2003-11-24 às 11:40, Tarjei Knapstad escreveu:
> > > > Personally - I think that Linux needs:
> > > > CorelDraw equivalent/MS Publisher equivalent

Openoffice - Already included..

> > > > PhotoShop/PaintShopPro equivalent

Well... I got used to gimp, but let's face it: why couldn't gimp people
just make a single window, with everything inside, like photoshop?
Something like a theme, as dreamweaver mx, which can have the
dreamweaver4 look and feel, also as the new mx one..

> > > > Kazaa/Soulseek clients

There's xmule (, also as amule (didn't used it
yet, but it's somewhere on livna, fedora or freshrpms...

> Scribus is a DTP alternative for linux, but as I haven't used either
> Scribus or MS Publisher I have no idea how they compare:

Scribus is preety much like pagemaker..

> Lastly, maybe Inkspace could serve as a replacement for Coreldraw for
> you?  (again, I have no experience with either,
> these are just suggestions for things to look at).


Alexandre Ganso 
500 FOUR vermelha - Diretor Steel Goose Moto Group

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