RE: install FC1 on a system with a SATA disk

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I am wondering if anyone has encountered a situation
similar to the following.

I have a MSI-NEO2-LS board with ICH5 sata controller.
In the bios, I set the SATA mode to "Native" and "SATA
only". So, the IDE layout of my machine looks like:

IDE1 Master: 20G Samsum IDE disk.
IDE1 Slave : a ZIP 100M drive
IDE2 Master: RIcho CDRW
IDE2 Slave:  LG DVD
IDE3 Master: 80G Seagate ATA disk (ST800??)
I first booted the FC1 installation disk1 from the
RICHO CDRW. The installation process stoped ,after
"Media test", on a just blank blue screen with three
buttons on the bottom. (before "run Anaconda..", I
guess.) The system did not lock up as after
"ctrl+alt+del" it can print out "send terminal
signal..." and reboot the machine. I found when it
happened the light of my RICHO cdrw was always on.

I suspect the ata driver treats the CDROM as the sata
disk by mistake, and tries to do something on it(Do
not believe in me anyway.). So, I put the FC1 disk1
into the LG DVD, and boot from it. This time the
installation goes fine, and it recogonizes both of my
hard disks (IDE+SATA). (I can see both of them when I
manually allocate partition for Linux.)

I guess there must be a bug somewhere, but not sure if
it is in the sata driver or FC1.


Try swapping which cd / DVD drive is the master and slave.
I have a DVD and DVD read/write and my system is only happy if the
read/write drive is the master.
Regards roger

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