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Hmmm....not really sure, but you might try removing the netmask from your 
entry in the /etc/exports on the server:


course, you have probably already tried something similar.....


On Friday 21 November 2003 4:50 am, Craig Tinson wrote:
> Hey.. am new to the list.. just installed fedora yesterday and am having
> a play with it on my home network..
> I've installed fedora under vmware and after a few initial problems with
> the network which I think were down to vmware and not fedora.. have have
> it running and all seems well so far! :) just looks like my RH9 install
> really..
> I've run into one problem though.. when trying to mount a remote nfs
> export with:
> mount -t nfs /home/filestore
> I get a "permission denied" message from the server.. which is strange
> as it works from my RH9 machine..
> the /etc/exports on the server were:
> /home/filestore,rw)
> and I realised that vmware had given fedora an ip of
> (vmwares idea of bridged network)
> I added:
> /home/filestore,no_root_squash,rw)
> to /etc/exports but this hasn't worked either..
> any ideas?
> Cheers
> Craig
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