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On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 21:08, Andy Elmer wrote:
> >>> bhughes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 11/20/03 19:23 PM >>>
> Just curious.  What do you have to add to the kernel command line to
> tell the installer to look to dhcp for the ks.cfg?  I have always let
> the nfs server serve the ks.cfg with an
> append="ks=nfs:serverip:/path/to/ks.cfg" line 
> Bret
> Bret,
> Here is an entry from my dhcpd.conf (my kickstart NFS server is also the
> dhcp server):
> host myhostname { hardware ethernet 00:0b:db:ca:45:2e; fixed-address
>; filename "/kickstart/tmp/ks.cfg"; }
> I've changed the values above due to company policy, but basically I
> wrote a script which adds/removes entries from the dhcpd.conf file and
> restarts the dhcp server.  The "ks.cfg" file listed above is actually
> named the same as the host I'm kickstarting (in the example above,
> myhostname. I changed it to ks.cfg in this email to avoid confusion). 
> So, every host in our environment has its own ks.cfg file which is named
> after it (ex.  /kickstart/tmp/myhostname ).

Thanks, It sounds like more work than using a boot image with the append
line but I will have to think about it.  I will hit the docs again.


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