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Elliott Wilcoxon wrote:
Hmm, the pictures on all my WD drives just show no jumper on there for the 'only thing on the IDE channel' option (I forget their term for it).

In the future, try to bottom post if you can.

It's called "cable select" and it is one of the most evil things I've
ever seen.  It works, oh, about 30% of the time and causes nothing but
grief the other 70% of the time.  I HIGHLY recommend you DON'T use it.
Jumper to master or slave and if your BIOS doesn't like it, upgrade the
BIOS.  Jumpering a drive that's the only thing on the bus as master
absolutely SHOULD work.

Lamont R. Peterson wrote:

On Thu, 2003-11-20 at 10:27, Fred Antrobus wrote:

I figured out the problem finally.

The drive I had was the only drive and I had it jumpered as the master .
When I removed the jumper entirely everything started working.

I don't understand but It works great now.

With all Western Digital IDE drives that I have ever owned, used, sold and/or seen, you have to jumper it for Master or Slave if there is another device on the channel with it. Otherwise, you *must* simply take the jumper off or it will not work.

If one reads the label on a Wester Digital hard drive, they should see a
diagram that shows the jumper placed on "sideways" if the drive is the
only device on the channel (though most work without any jumper, also).

I am sorry that I did not tell you this yesterday.  I was too busy
dealing with other mailing lists right then :-).

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