Re: OT: Intel MB/CPU Upgrades

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The fact that Gateway sold you the previous box it probably the source of possible problems. I'd do some Googling to see if the case/mobo that you currently have use standard mounting holes. Dell is infamous for using all manner of non-standard cases, but I don't know much of Gateway; I've only been in contact with one Gateway case and that was ~6 years ago (FWIW, it seemed to be a standard ATX tower).

Elliott Wilcoxon

Mike Chambers wrote:
Sorry for the OT, and you may email me off list or onlist if others want
to participate.

But I went to a computer shop and asked about getting prices for an
Intel MB, CPU 2.x G type, fan and power supply.  I have my own Gateway
full tower and accessories of my own (video/sound cards, mice,
keyboards, etc..) (bought in summer of 2000) and wanted to upgrade my
PIII 750 system.  They basically told me I'd probably have to get a new
case as well, due to either the MB not fitting or power supply not
fitting in my present case, or something along those lines.

I was wondering if anyone has went through this and what are my options
for this scenario.

Again, sorry to bother everyone with this, and again email me privately
or on list.


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