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At 11:11 11/17/2003, you wrote:
Of course. I first just need to get my Linux skills up to par, then talk
my sysadmin into letting me intercept the incoming mail on the corporate
server ports, then learning how to grab it with fetchmail, and lastly
explain to my boss why I need to replace my 10 Gb HD with a larger one.

You don't need a larger hard drive, but you do need a box running Fedora. I suggest you find an old P/100 with 64MB of RAM (or you can even install with 64MB and then reduce it down to 32MB), a 2GB disk, and a network card. Put it under your desk, install Fedora in text mode only, and ssh to it. Voilà! Personal server on which to learn Fedora.

You do not need to intercept a darn thing. fetchmail will _check your Notes mail_ via POP just as though you'd done it from your Winders computer, no changes required. Then you just check your mail from your Winders computer using your personal Fedora server as incoming mail server. Outgoing mail has no need to change.

-- Rodolfo J. Paiz [email protected]

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