Re: Fedora Release 1 - console display problem

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On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 08:53:44AM -0000, Chiu, PCM (Peter)  wrote:
> Having mounted Fedora on an AMD Athlon system with integrated S3 graphics,
> I came across a problem in using the newly installed system on the console
> in graphics mode.
> Right click on the screen gives a rectangular block with some dots instead
> of texts showing
> the options.   Still if I select the second dot, it fires up a terminal
> session on the screen.
> I tried using redhat-config-xfree86 but the display also exhibits similar
> problems, ie. the tabs
> and options are shown as dots, making selection rather difficult.
> I reinstalled Fedora on the same box, but selected "everything" to the
> package selection prompt.
> Now, the system is behaving properly, with all the display options showing
> as they should be.
> Any idea what could be missing?  
> Peter

There isn't anything missing.  I had a similar problem with an S3
install.  The solution for me was to change the S3 driver in XF86config
to "vesa" and it's been working ever since.

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