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Rickard Svoren wrote:

Thanks for this email Peter

We are not in need for any external support services today, we have been using
RHL since version 6.2 ( i found an old RHL 4.2 Box yesterday so there might
be even longer :-).

My main concern is security updates and stability, and of course upgrading 1-2
times a year is possible but not desirable. I have been looking at Suse, Debian
and Slackware aswell but it seems like waste to change distro when we have RHL
competence in our company. But we do not like to get jailed into Redhat's commersial

I guess i'm looking for some advices from people in the same situation.


I am pretty much in the same situation right now.. We are close to rolling out a few new services (and servers) and the choice of distro is a difficult one.. We to have only used RH since ver 6.x so to have to learn a new distro is not desireable, but neither is having an insecure system open to the internet.. :)

I think there are probably many who have the same concern and are looking around.. Many alternate distro's could very easily go the same route as RH (SuSE for example) and then the problem will start all over again so the choice is not an easy one..

So far it looks to me like Fedora is still the best offering there is, the only wildcard is how well the community will get behind it and make it work with quick updates to security problems and easy upgrades from one version to the next..

It looks to me like there are still a number of people who would be very valuable to the Fedora project who are opting to sit on the edges.. I am referring to all the people who are building their own yum/apt repositories instead of all working on the same communal offering to make the distro better..

I guess we are just going to have to make a leap of faith and deal with the issues as they arise..


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