Re: [OT] Linux leaders offer education discount

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Am So, den 16.11.2003 schrieb Robert P. J. Day um 10:14:
> but you and i all know how students think -- bleeding edge,
> the latest and greatest, etc.

That's right, indeed. But there are a lot who don't care about the
technical side but just want to work with a browser, an office suite and
a mailer in a stable environment. 

> i'd never *heard* of the "academic desktop" product, and my 
> immediate reaction was, "ok, what's under the hood?"

I remember there was an announcement some years ago, but at least in
Europe there was never a concrete offering.

>From my point of view the server side of the announcement is the
important one. The enhancend RHEL ES server is quite interesting.


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