Re: kudzu and erratic mouse

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> I switched to text by Ctrl-Alt-F1, I logged as another user, I became
> su, I typed /usr/sbin/kudzu, ma the graphical window of kudzu doesn't
> pop up.
> Any other hint?? (I suppose that as I am using a desktop no acpi
>   Antonio
I started my involvment in this thread as a general comment on mouse movment
on the desk top.
But for clarification I will expand , and then duck out and hope someone
else can help with your specific problem.
My desktop (in my case KDE) is on the console attached to F7.
All I have to do is change console and back again to the one with the KDE
desk top running and the mouse pointer stops leaping about and is fine for
the rest of the session ot until I switsh back at the wrog moment. The
pointer moving at random is not too bad it's the left clicks that cause the
real problem. The first time it happend I had about 8 copies of mozilla open
an 3 open office instances  as well from what was a clean desk top.
I don't have to log in to the second session just change screens and back.
Re acpi you can somtimes get a problem if a desktop thinks it's a laptop,
but the one time I saw this, it the psu was srarting to fail.
most odd to see a desk machine telling you to plug in the charger.
Again I hope your problem is sorted out soon.

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