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you can go to and check their compatible 54g cards and buy one of those..

They made my broadcom 54g card work :)

Hope that helps!

William Burgos wrote:
I installed fedora to a laptop that had RH9... Everything was working fine
until I installed a Wireless Proxim 11b Orinoco card (not the classic).

I downloaded a linux driver from a page but when I compiled it and installed
it my pcmcia got messed up...saying can't find yenta_socket.o

I uninstall the pcmcia rpm and any related file... Then reinstall the

I also reinstall the kernel with the --force option... But pcmcia is still
not working.

BTW.- I also will apreciate if someone give me the model and name of a
wireless card that actually works with RH or Fedora since I already have
bought 3 of them and none have works or have buggy drivers..  I want a card
that works using the regular pcmcia drivers.


William Burgos BM IT Services, Inc.
Tel.: 305-582-3654
Fax : 305-675-2432

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