Re: Problem registering with RHN

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So now if I want to install Red Hat programs, I have to use yum via the
command line?

I see that up2date is restricted to merely updating programs from yum

But why not:

1.  Make a yum GUI front-end.

2.  Integrate the yum GUI front-end with the "Red Hat Network Alert
Notification Tool", allowing the user to both INSTALL AND UPDATE any
program from the same integrated GUI front-end.

3.  Allow the user to browse and add/remove different 3rd party yum
repositories, perhaps based on a master list with which each 3rd party
yum repository would be responsible registering.

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 18:34, William Hooper wrote:
> hunger  said:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have done a clean install of Fedora Core 1, and I have registered an
> > account with RHN.  But, when I click on the "Red Hat Network Alert
> > Notification Tool" (the blue circle with the white check mark located in
> > the bottom right hand corner of my desktop screen), it opens up a window
> > with the "Critical Information" tab highlighted, with the following
> > text:
> >
> > "The applet has been unable to access the following information sources
> > in its last attempts: fedora-core-1 @
> >, updates-released @
> >";
> >
> > Why is this problem occurring?  Why can't the applet access these
> > sources?
> > Also, when I log in to with my account, it shows
> > that my system is not subscribed with any channels.  Under the "Base
> > Channel" it says "(none)".  And, I tried to subscribe my system to a
> > channel (presumably the Fedora Core 1 channel), but it doesn't allow me
> > to make this action.
> Fedora Core doesn't use RHN.  The up2date version included can use yum and
> apt repositories.  By default it is configured to use the Fedora Core yum
> repositories (see bug above).

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