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hunger  said:
> Hi,
> I have done a clean install of Fedora Core 1, and I have registered an
> account with RHN.  But, when I click on the "Red Hat Network Alert
> Notification Tool" (the blue circle with the white check mark located in
> the bottom right hand corner of my desktop screen), it opens up a window
> with the "Critical Information" tab highlighted, with the following
> text:
> "The applet has been unable to access the following information sources
> in its last attempts: fedora-core-1 @
>, updates-released @
> Why is this problem occurring?  Why can't the applet access these
> sources?

> Also, when I log in to with my account, it shows
> that my system is not subscribed with any channels.  Under the "Base
> Channel" it says "(none)".  And, I tried to subscribe my system to a
> channel (presumably the Fedora Core 1 channel), but it doesn't allow me
> to make this action.

Fedora Core doesn't use RHN.  The up2date version included can use yum and
apt repositories.  By default it is configured to use the Fedora Core yum
repositories (see bug above).

William Hooper

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