ReiserFS, WiFI and 3D & DVDs

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Why is :
ReiserFS, XFS missing from this distro ?  Mandrake, Suse and others have been offering it for a while now.  I use tool to Image PCs and Servers called TrueImage from  Works much better and faster than Ghost & DriveImage and its build around Linux but Ext3 cannot be ghosted easily.  ReiserFS gives better performance and journaling to a system.

3D is not as supported as in Window$, how come that it is so hard to make it work ?  You buy good laptop or PCs but the only work in VESA mode.  I know you'll tell me to go to this site and see at the manufacturers site but ATI do not provide any drivers for Linux.  The only thing out there are patches and more patches.  Unless you use Linux for personnal usage a business does not have time to look around and fiddle with the system.

WiFi is not well supported either and many companies are demanding it.  Some airlines and airports are moving from horizontal cabling to WiFi.  It simply cost less.

How come DVDs are not accessible by XINE and other Media Players ?  Why is the copyright an issue ?  On Windows there isn't that issue so please help me understand the problem.  Too many library's and patches to apply so it could work properly on Linux.

Any backup tools with your distro ?  didn't have time to go around the packages.

Tonight I'll be showing it (Fedora) at out Linux group and will see their reaction.

PS. At times Linux just feels like Win'95 with all the fiddling around.
Luis-M. Astudillo
IT Consultant/ IT Architect WIntel/Unix dsitributed systems

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