Re: FC1: one nasty blemish, one bug, one irritation

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Alexander Volovics wrote:

I would like to hear from other FC1 users whether they have also
encountered these events and to get some advice on how to track
the causes so I can report detailed bug info to get it cleared up.

The bug: The gnome-panel crashes occasionaly. I have already encountered this bug on RH9, but as it only happened a few times and then just as I was shutting down from the logout menu I could not do a trace so I did not bugzilla it. Yesterday I encountered this (or a related) bug while using FC1, and this time while configuring some things. I completely forgot to make a trace and save it to disk (I didn't have email configured yet so I couldn't mail it immediately as I normally do). Has anybody else encountered this on FC1 (or testx, x=1,2,3) (I have not found a comparable bug in bugzilla). Can I still make a trace if it occurs while shutting down?


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I have encountered the gnome panel crash. It occurs after I have invoked an
application for which I have to provide the root password. It seems to always
occur in that situation but never otherwise.

Art Dickinson

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