Editing GNOME menus

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On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 19:11:31 +0100, Mortella wrote:

> Customizing main menu doesnt work at all. When I want to add new
> folder to main menu in applications:// , or modify an entry (.desktop)
> it fails saying : "can not save changes to applications:/ something
> ... Error writing file X.desktop, read only file System" or sg. like
> this. Even if user is root and/or if /usr/share/applications chmoded
> to 777. On my RH9 with XD2unstable  I can easily add remove, organize
> etc my menu. 
> What did I missed ?

The desktop team at Red Hat disabled the menu editing functionality of
GNOME 2.4, due to the vfolder implementation being too buggy, in their
(or HP's ;) opinion.  (Can't comment.)  You can reactivate it /at your
own risk/ using the instructions at the bottom of the following page:


A safer way of editing the menus would be to follow Michael Knepher's
mini-tutorial at:



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