Re: Printer problems

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Paul Mackin wrote:

On Sun, 2003-11-09 at 12:11, Cliff Kent wrote:

Yes, I googled this for RH9 and found two solutions for samba. The mime type change that you mention is one. The other was to edit samba.conf to explicitly add raw printing for windows clients. This was what I did because I already hand edit my samba.conf files.

The other thing is that CUPS listens only to localhost by default. So, I add:

Allow From 192.168.1.*

After each place that cupsd.conf has:

Allow From

Again, I normally edit cupsd.conf to make some, but not all, cups admin functions available to users on a lan. The folks on the cups list were very helpful with the admin limit thing.

I'll post .conf examples if anybody needs them.


Yes...please. I'd appreciate it



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