xDSL connection does not starts correctly

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I have configured my network connection (cable modem)
using the wizard (internet-druid), and set it to
start at system initialization. The wizard have created
the configuration file for the connection as
(NetSuper is the name I have give to my

I have noticed that when the network service is
started (service network start), the connection is
not brought up and ifup puts an error message
("configuration for ppp0 not found"). I have
looked into some scripts and found that, for
xDSL connections, ifup is being called with the
device name of the connection (obtained from the
ifcfg-NetSuper file), not with the interface name
(NetSuper) as it was the case with Red Hat Linux 9.
As there is no configuration for the device
in this case), ifup fails.

Has anybody else noticed this bug?



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