Re: xterm - broken ugly cursors.

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On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Konrad Kosmowski wrote:

> I have "problems" with xterm. It is main terminal emulator I use - just 
> switched form RHL9 to FC1 and when i run xterm and point mouse cursor 
> over its window the cursor gets ugly. It changes shape from nice one 
> (Bluecurve cursor theme) to some ugly pixelated cursors. What can be 
> problem here? It looks like it tries to change cursor shape into another 
> but it can't find a proper bitmap (from Bluecurve theme) and the cursor 
> gets messed up. Cursor is switching back to normal when I move it over 
> Mozilla.

I've noticed that it only happens in reversed color mode (-rv). Try 

$ xterm


$ xterm -rv

then see what happens with cursor... What is that? It is ruining my 
desktop. ;-)

  |`.    .'|  Konrad Kosmowski
  |.'`--'`.|  [email protected]

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