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El Sáb 08 Nov 2003 18:40, Paco Avila escribió:
> I think that should be a good idea follow Debian package strategy: only
> one package for a program and there is only one package developer
> responsible for this package. This way permits send all the programa
> issues (bugs) to a person and this one can interact with the program
> maintainer and send him all this bugs. In the Fedora Core (because it is
> a core) can put all the programs that the people need. Because of this
> there must be a Fedora Extras repository with all this packages. If some
> packages have lawsuit problems, we can create another repository (Fedora
> Ilegal, it's a joke) and put all this software there. 
> I say this because I've found many RPMs for a program (like Gimp) and
> this isn't a good way to manage a project: many people doing the same
> work. And is a bit confusing for the user to have too many options. I
> need only one RPM that is tested with Fedora Core and with a person whom
> I can contact in case of problems.

What is really missing yet is the stable/testing/unstable stucture. I don't 
know if there is chatting about this in the devel list, but I see it as the 
way yo give all users the oportunity to have very stable versions, or out of 
the oven (very new) ones.

In my case, I have RH9 with the last version of Gaim downloaded from Freshrpms 
becuase I need the new MSN protocol to work. If FC would have the three brach 
stucture, I could go and get the unstable (very new) version.

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