Re: just blew up my 17" monitor

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> I don't know if its fedora's or my monitor's problem, my monitor was unprobed so i entered the Hsync and Vsync from the manual, the installation(fresh install) went smooth. After the installation i was prompted to reboot, the graphical boot-up was nice, i was prompted to create a regular user and all those post install stuff. Then I logged in, saw the GNOME start up. I was begining to navigate the menus when the monitor's view shrunk, then kapooooffff!!!! Then I smelled some burned plastic/stuff coming from my monitor.
> Kinda weird, i used the same Hsync and Vsync on this same machine with the RH9 install. is it FC1's fault? or bad hardware? any similar experience here?

Sorry to hear about that, man.

Sounds like the magic smoke escaped.  Once the magic smoke escapes, it
no longer works.

--B C

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