Re: problem upgrading RH9 to fedora core 1

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Download the iso's again and re-burn them to cd-r.  Burn them slow(max 4).
Before you burn them check the md5sum of the downloaded iso's against those published by RedHat.

Then re-install.  99% of the time this cures the illness you describe.

Good Luck


On Fri, 7 Nov 2003 14:06:01 -0700
"Franklin R. Jones" <[email protected]> wrote:

> I have a fairly new RH9 install (which has run fine for about 4 weeks)
> that I thought I would attempt an upgrade to Fedora core release 1 on
> it as a first attempt with this release image.
> I'm getting an error when it attempts to transfer the install image to
> the hard drive. States "that you are probably out of disk space".
> System as a swap partition of 1Gb, monolithic 10Gb / partition with
> 4Gb free space, and a 200Mb /boot partition with 195Mb free.
> CD image tests clean.
> both graphical and text install dies about 75% though copy of install
> image.
> I searched the list archive and the only thing that sounds similar is:
> but isn't identical nor is there a resolution offered.
> any ideas on this one?  While I could just do a fresh install on this
> particular system, I have 3 other systems that I wouldn't want to do
> that on so would like to figure out what the issue is if possible.
> Anyway to get more verbose debug output from the install process? At
> the point it dies it is not writing to /root/install.log yet (nor
> anywhere else I can determine)
> thanks,
> fj..
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