Re: No Full Control Install!

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On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 14:00, Doug Stewart wrote:

> You must not have been paying attention to the fedora-test-list.

No I was not.

> The thinking goes (and someone from RH correct me if I'm wrong) is that
> anaconda is the wrong place to be doing package selection.  Eventually,
> FC should just get enough of a system up and running for the users to be
> able to select/install packages from a nice, X-enabled FirstBoot situation.

. No offense but that seems misguided. 

Under many circumstances, that requires installing and then deleting
packages that one doesn't need or want. In other circumstances I have to
delete RPMs from the database to prevent them from being "upgraded."
This complicates things considerably.

I hate to say this but SOMEONE "FIXED" WHAT WEREN'T BROKEN. I cannot
fathom what POSSIBLE benefit accrues to anyone by eliminating this

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