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> That's not really true.  The graphics and some packages in RHEL are not
> open source.  So to install it on multiple servers you would need to
> exclude these things.  It is not possible to do this without rebuilding
> the cd's from scratch.
> If someone does have 15,000 machines though there are substantial
> savings available and they should make a point to contact Red Hat sales.
> Actually you should contact RH sales if you have more than 80 or so.
> RH isn't trying to rip anyone off.  The support costs on those first
> RHEL licenses are always higher.  The more machines someone maintains
> the less they will need to support.
> -Chris

Redhat needs to get their butt into gear and allow purchasing of
entitlements for RHEL online.  Currently I have to wait over a week to get
a set of CD's shipped to me that i dont need just to get an entitlement
for a new server.  And what happens in aa year when I have to renew these
things at random times. (not really random, butnot all at once).  Redhat
needs to work on how they are selling RHEL.

Not something for this list to be discussed i know.

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