The Tip of the Hat so to Speak

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I was able to download fedora using bittorrent last night. Transfer went about 200+KB most of the way. I am going to leave my torrent on for the next couple days to help out. I am hoping to try fedora out tonight. Thanks for the great effort btw!

But I was wondering if there were any long-term plans or project that would supply the following features:

1. An advanced vector-based UI on the level of Aqua or Longhorn.

2. A searchable sql-based file system loaded with metadata. So for instance I would run a query to find all the music files (oggs and mp3s but not wmas) by NSync that I downloaded in the last three months that originated from either Kazaa or gnutella but not musicmatch, or whatever - you get the point.

3. Mono or something equivalent integrated into the UI and/or OS so that there is a complete and consistent developer's platform.

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