My experience with upgrading from RH9 to FC1

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I just upgraded from RedHat9 to Fedora Core 1.
The upgrade itself was easy. However I didn't
meet the package selection in the installer...
Did I simply miss the option?
These are the issues I encountered:
1. I had to install the following drivers:
   a) proprietary NVIDIA
   c) alsa
  At first it didn't work at all, then I noticed
  that I must use gcc32 to compile, this wasn't
  very clear from the release notes.
  I had a problem with compiling the alsa driver
  (schedule_work), but google groups was my friend.
  BTW before trying to fix alsa, I tried sndconfig,
  which detected the onboard soundcard before my
  SB Live!. I would have preferred to choose the
  order the soundcards are configured.
2. At first starting, the GNOME desktop was in 
  a mess. I moved .gnome2 out of the way.
  I previously always used sawfish, but that didn't
  work at all. The background was gray overlaying
  the Nautilus icons. So I installed metacity.
  However I prefer sawfish, because it allows better
  control of window placement.
  I have two screens configured with Xinerama. The first
  screen is 1600x1200, the second 1280x1024. With Gnome 2.2
  and Sawfish, I could place a panel at the bottom of the
  second screen. This I can no longer do. I can place a
  panel at the top and at the right, but not at the bottom.
  (BTW I miss the rounded edges of the menu panel :-(
3. Xcursor doesn't work anymore. I don't get any shadowed
  and animated cursors anymore.
4. I don't get antialiased fonts in KDE and Qt anymore.
  Gnome/GTK is ok.

Otherwise FC1 is fine.
Gérard Milmeister
Tannenrauchstrasse 35
8038 Zürich
[email protected]

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