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On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 16:38, Krikket wrote:

> I can't compare to RH9, but I *can* compare it to SuSE 9.0
> Don't switch to SuSE.  Trust me on this one.  Baaad juju.  After seing
> what was available, I decided to go with SuSE for my first real exposure
> to Linux in 6+ years.  (And I had no experience with a Linux GUI at that
> point.)
> If you needs are met 100% by what's available on the distro CDs, then SuSE
> could work for you.  But adding anything else?  Damn near impossible.
> There are some things I *couldn't* get installed under SuSE, that were a
> breeze with Fedora.  I'm not the only one wih those problems either.

I agree with that. I have used SUSE 9.0 too and happily switched to
Fedora Core 1. First thought the ftp install of suse was a pain, and
upgrading or adding packages seemed to be nearly impossible (for me at
least). I have tried to upgrade my SUSE 9.0 installation to GNOME
2.4.0.. i tried, but i couldnt get it to work. As i used linux on the
desktop and not primarily as a server i wanted to play DVD, also no luck
here. Now i am running Fedora Core 1, have installed DVD and MP3
support, and i must say i am quite happy with it. Stability so far is

PS. I wish everyone a very happy and good 2004!!

Best regards,


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