Re: Sudo - How do I disable that 5 minutes thing?

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Alan Dunkley wrote:

| On Wednesday 31 Dec 2003 2:44 pm, Nicholas Evans wrote:

| Hello
| ~    I'm wondering how do I go about disabling the 5 minute period
| after an sudo where you don't need to give your password again. I
| read somewhere there was a line I could edit in the sudoers file,
| but I couldn't find this line. I've tried google, but all I'm
| getting are guides on how to use sudo. Any pointers?
| Thanks!

| I suggest you just run a "man sudoers" to get the details about the | sudo config file. The parameter you should look at is | "timestamp_timeout"

| Man pages may be old-hat in these internet-savvy days, but they are
still very
| useful and should not be discounted as a source of good, accurate
| information.

| viz:

| timestamp_timeout Number of minutes that can elapse before sudo
| will
ask for
| a passwd again.  The default is 5.  Set this to 0
to always
| prompt for a password.  If set to a value less
than 0 the
| userâs timestamp will never expire.  This can be
used to
| allow users to create or delete their own
timestamps via
| sudo -v and sudo -k respectively.

| Hope this helps, but please be careful, or you may open your system
to all
| sorts of possible attacks, either accidental or deliberate.

Ahh, thanks! I hadn't though of looking for a man page on the file.
And don't worry, I have a reasonably good idea of what I'm doing.
Thanks again!
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