Re: another yum error... (mis-configuration?)

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Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Mo, den 29.12.2003 schrieb Elton Woo um 17:01:

Does *this* look better? I admit that I usually do a hard return using my enter key whenever I get to just about where this very sentence says "using", rather than let the program (mozilla-mail do the wrapping for me. In this instance, I am *purposely* NOT doing so. How does my message look now? ... notice that I did not quote the entire original message.

This look excellent now.

Your "manual warpping" explains the outlook of your previous postings.

A "bad" habit from my old DOS --> Windows---> OS/2 days. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea *maxissima* culpa! Old habits die hard (maybe that's *why* I'm not dead yet! LOL!) ... but I sincerely promise to desist from doing that in future. Feel free to rap my knuckles if I do otherwise, and I apologize to the list for my misbehavior!

Please let your mail client do the wrapping. Otherwise it is hard to
read and if you like people like me reading your postings ... :)
Thank you very much!

Bitte sehr! ... und enzuldigen mir!

Elton ;-)
(... who after _all these years_ still writes lousy German <*sigh*>!!!)

"You only live once: let's make life BETTER for each other."
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