Re: another yum error... (mis-configuration?)

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Am Mo, den 29.12.2003 schrieb Elton Woo um 17:01:

[ snip ]

> >>I *think* I'm beginning to follow you. And I do agree. These do not show 
> >>when
> >>I use them in mozilla. I get a 404 instead. So, my mistake was simply 
> >>copying the
> >>first line of yum.conf, and just *adding* "stable" and "unstable"?
> >>
> >>Also, (sorry) I *ought to have mentioned this before*. I decided to add 
> >>the extra
> >>two entries when I had started to get an error when running yum from the 
> >>root
> >>console. Getting a bit confused now, so (if I may test your patience a 
> >>wee bit
> >>more...) would you kindly give me some "dummied / newibieized" instructions
> >>on what *exactly* I should enter in those two extra entries, and / or if 
> >>there
> >>is something I need to correct in the default (first three) ones?
> >>
> >>TIA,
> >>
> >>Elton.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >Elton,
> >
> >as you (hopefully) can see from the above, your mail clients does a
> >strange and hard reading formating. It breaks lines with just one or two
> >words. Is it a setting that you have a very long line size before it
> >breaks? It seams that it only happens with your own text, not with
> >quoted text.
> >
> >Alexander
> >
> Does *this* look better? I admit that I usually do a hard return using 
> my enter key whenever I get to just about where this very sentence says 
> "using", rather than let the program (mozilla-mail do the wrapping for 
> me. In this instance, I am *purposely*  NOT doing so.  How does my 
> message look now? ... notice that I did not quote the entire original 
> message.
> Thanks,
> Elton ;-)

Hi Elton!

This look excellent now.

Your "manual warpping" explains the outlook of your previous postings.
Please let your mail client do the wrapping. Otherwise it is hard to
read and if you like people like me reading your postings ... :)

Thank you very much!


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany
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