Re: Spammers spoofing my "from" addr

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On Sun, 28 Dec 2003, Elton Woo wrote:
> Trevor Smith wrote:

> >I occasionally get returned mail failure notices because some jackass spammer 
> >has sent out mass spam using [email protected] (which is my domain) as 
> >the "from" address. When he hits nonexistent "to" addresses, the bounces come 
> >to me.
> >  
> >
> >Is there anything I *can* do? Am I ultimately going to be cut
> >off from parts of the 'net because it *looks* like *I* am
> >spamming? 

This is often the side effect of one or more viruses out there.

I suspect that your have a a friend with your email address in
their address book and their system has been infected with a
virus. One example is the [email protected] virus.

See:[email protected]

There is litle you can do.  Sometimes there is enough information 
in the headers of the bounced message to find out what machine
is sending the junk.

Because these are virus related there may well be signatures that
permit you to /dev/null the bounces if you cannot find the poor
soul with the infected machine.

	T o m  M i t c h e l l
	mitch48 -a*t- yahoo-dot-com

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