Re: Spammers spoofing my "from" addr

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Trevor Smith wrote:

Off topic but you folks are more knowledgable about these things than anyone I know...

I wouldn't exactly call it off-topic, since it *does* relate to linux security, and I (dare to
assume that) you *are* using Fedora Core, right? Just wondering, have you used

I occasionally get returned mail failure notices because some jackass spammer has sent out mass spam using [email protected] (which is my domain) as the "from" address. When he hits nonexistent "to" addresses, the bounces come to me.

Is there anything I *can* do? Am I ultimately going to be cut off from parts of the 'net because it *looks* like *I* am spamming? Surely this can't be the case or you could get anyone "banned" from certain servers just by spoofing their "from" address and breaking the rules. No?

May I suggest something? Since some of the spam gets bounced back to you, I would recommend using You'll
have to cut-and paste the entire message (with *full headers*)
into Spamcop's dialog box to find WHERE to send your complaints.

That done, I would send the offending message as an inline (plain text)
"attachment" explaining to the ISP that the originator is spoofing *your* legitimate domain. I realise it's a PITA to do the process,
message by message, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing
that the problem is being handled by the admins who would (otherwise)
not be aware of the problem.

With the exception of some sites in Korea, China, and Brazil (main
"thoroughfares" of junk mail and UCE, you'll find quick responses
to your complaints.

HTH & cheers,

Elton ;-)
(... who does NOT believe in simply *deleting* offending SPAM/UCE
without a good fight...!)

"You only live once: let's make life BETTER for each other."
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