Re: Help customising Fedora for my grandfather.

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I didn't take it as an insult, don't worry about it. Let's say no more about it, mate.


Simon Perreault wrote:
On December 27, 2003 11:47, Robert L Cochran wrote:

That is a really uncalled for insult.

I have not insulted Jon. The phrase "for Dummies" does not mean I told Jon he was a dummy, it just refers to a popular line of tutorial books. See

What I meant is that it is usually unwise to discard KDE (or GNOME) as a valid desktop solution if you don't want to start a war. There are heavy feelings in both camps. This is a widely known fact, and it quickly smells of troll when someone has this kind of comment. I posted quickly and did not see that Jon was the OP, in which case his level of "trollishness" would have gone below the threshold. ;)

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