Help customising Fedora for my grandfather.

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For Christmas this year, I bought my grandfather (85 years young) a second hand computer. It's a 1gHz/128mb/20G/Nvidia Geforce2 system, and I decided to put Fedora on it.

My reasons for this are that I can lock down this box better than I can a Windows box, no threat from email viruses, pop up blocking in Mozilla and the fact that I can log in from university and fix his computer if anything goes wrong.

However, I would like to pick everyone's brain about a few things:

1) Is there any way to remove the "Lock Screen" menu item. I've taught him to log off, but the menu items are just a little too close for comfort, and his hands shake quite badly, so removing this would be a huge plus. In addition, is it possible to put blank space (separators, I guess) in the main menu so that it's easier for him to click the items?

2) Is there any way to switch item selection in nautilus to single-click? I've tried to put everything he might use on the desktop (evolution, mozilla, home folder), but like I said he has some quite bad motor problems in his hands so being able to single click on desktop items would be really great for him.

3) He's accessing the internet with a 56K modem, which is ideal for his needs. Can anyone suggest a dialer application which is nice and simple for him to use. Currently he's using the 'Network Device Control' menu option, but basically there's just too much complexity and too many points of possible failure for me to be comfortable with him using it. I've used wvdial in the past, and it was nice and simple, and a quick google doesn't turn up and GTK frontends. The ability to remind him that he's still connected if the connection is idle for a certain amount of time would be a bonus also.

Thanks (I ramble a little), and if anyone has any other ideas/advice in this area it would be much appreciated.

--Jon Atkinson

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