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Hi.  I am testing to see if my pgp signing is more readable now.  I have turned
off the Muttrc option that says pgp-create-traditional=yes.  I believe I set it
to ask-no.  I know this will cause the m$ family of email software to display my
messages as attachments only, but (a) as far as I know, there are none of those
on this list, (b) this option is there for compatibility only, and is "strongly
deprecated," and (c) I can always turn it on if I am emailing someone who happens
to be using a M$ mail client.  I just hope this works, as I really don't want to
turn pgp off altogether.  I like having a digital signature for security reasons,
as I can be fverified on any keyserver.  I also use it as I am the maintainer
of a couple of RPM's and I email the developers of those packages and also dign
the packages with my signature.  If this doesn't work, please give me some
pointers on how I can fix Mutt so that it signs messages in a fashion that is
readable by everyone.

Thanks for any help

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