Problems with kernel version

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I have just installed Fedora for the first time. Upgraded actually, from RedHat
9.0. Upone completion of the upgrade, the system rebooted and during the boot
sequence decided to have lots of problems. Nothing initialized correctly.
Basically, what i've discovered is that Fedora didn't upgrade the kernel along
with everything else and also moved some files around. 

It looks like i have the old kernel from RH9 and a bunch of services etc...that
were compiled for use with the kernel that Fedora wants. first modprobe
couldn't find modules.dep (it had been moved) and then, once I symlinked it, it
reported an incorrect kernel. 

Silly me, left stuff on the server, on the system drive that i need, so i can't
just do a clean install. Right now i'd just like to get the files off of there
that i need and then do a wipe of the system and install Fedora from scratch.
(I have burned ISOs). So i need to get modprobe working. Which may mean i need
to recompile the kernel? Or should i try the Fedora upgrade again? As you can
tell from the message, i'm a little frazzled. Any insights are greatly

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