Re: Another up2date error

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Jim Cornette wrote:

You have to be in the directory that contains the header information. To get the standard updates for the release put something like tthe below in the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources file.

yum static-fed

for the pre-QA approved updates you would need the below entry.

yum pre-QA-Updates

For updates that were QA approved you would put the below.

yum QA-approved-updates

Also, if you are having trouble with it saying that there is no channel avalable. Make sure that the line that says.

up2date default

is commented to the below format. This stops the RHN checkin, based on your release channel.

### up2date default

I hope this helps,


Greatly! Currently zipping along as I revel in my newfound knowledge. The only burp was getting an http 404 error on bash. I had some headers from the first attempts and bash is not in the ibiblio released section. Removed the headers and off she went!

Thanks all!


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