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On Sun, 21 Dec 2003 18:55:29 -0600, Carl Jenkins wrote
> Hi  all,
> I had RH9.0, but consider mysleft very inexpierenced at linux still.
> I installed fedora and have the update exlamation point blinking at me.
> After I launch update it downloads some updates , but others such as 
> binutils for example.
> It says that it has been tampered with or has an invalid key and 
> will not install.
> Why is this? Am I updating fedora incorrectly?
> Thanks,
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I found that to happen with alot of files. I think that happens due to
congestion. Try getting it 15-20 mins later. I found by doing that it will
download properly. Also goto your /var/spool/up2date directory and delete the
associated file. So that when you try again later it will download. (I have
the downloads kept, as I have to update several systems, and it beats having
to download them again for each system).

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