Re: Newbie: How to upgrade from Red Hat 9 to Fedora from hard disk

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Barry Yu  said:
> For installation of MS XP
> and other MS OS, I can take the hard drive out from this laptop, use a
> convertor to convert this tiny laptop type hard drive into a desktop
> connection and use regular IDE cable to hook up to one of my desktop
> where CD roms  are  equipped,  then  I copy  the  needed setup  elements
> (such as entire \i386) into the laptop hard drive, and then hook it up
> back to the sony laptop, start the installation from the laptop and it's
> done without problem.

One option would be to just do the install on the desktop machine then
move the harddrive back to the laptop.  You will most likely have some
issues to clean up (hard drive on different channels, etc.), but it should
be doable.

William Hooper

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