Re: A7N8X-E Deluxe experiences? or other motherboard recommendations?

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Benjamin J. Weiss wrote:

Yeah, I've been trying to figure out why the AMD Athlon XP CPU's are 333FSB,
yet the motherboards are 400FSB? I just saw something about the current
Barton CPU's are 333, but that 400's are due out soon? I'll probably have
to buy my stuff in installments, so maybe I could buy the RAM this month,
the motherboard next month, and then by the time I'm ready for the CPU, the
400's will be out? :) I *definitely want to do the dual-channel memory
thing, though.

The mobo is capable of using the 400FSB, or 333, 266, or 200. The Athlon 3000 and 3200 come in 400FSB models, but they are expensive (~$400-$500).

If you don't need the GigaBit lan, SATA, and RAID, you could go with the GA-7N400 (no nic), or the GA-7N400-L (with onboard lan) for less money.

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