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You spelt my name wrong and didn't answer the question ... ;)

However, there are two likely causes, I don't have this problem but I have seen similar.

a.    There is a program still hanging around that is taking a while to die (as Schlueri points out)
b.    Part of X has swapped out and wants to unswap before it exits

Check "free" or "top" to see if you are using swap space. See how much is used before and after you exit Gnome. Also, try logging in and then out, see if the amount of time you are logged in for effects the time taken to log out.


By the way, 256Mb is *really* the absolute minimum you want to be using for Linux/Fedora - irrespective of what it says on the box. You can almost survive on 128Mb, however if you actually want to use the machine and don't want to be buying a new HDD in six months, put at least 512Mb in a desktop system.


On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 20:01, [email protected] wrote:
Hi Garett
In all machines I have  installed Fedors the problem arises. In all of them I
put swap with 2 x the ram memory of  the machine. I have machines with memories
in the range 256kb -1MB.

Quoting Gareth Bult <[email protected]>:

> Hi,
> How much memory do you have / is your machine using any swap space ?
> Gareth.
> On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 16:31, Paulo Carrilho wrote:
> > I have installed Fedora and now the logout of an session of Gnome is
> not 
> > very fast(aprox. 2 minutes). With Kde  is Ok(few seconds).What is
> happening?
> > TiA
> > Paulo
> > 
> > 
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