Fedora Custom Load Project Docs: feedback pls

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Basically I am wanting to start a Fedora doc project whose goal is in 
creating single cd, minimalistic, hardended loads with %post scripting 
additions for adding bastille-linux like security and configuration 
changes to the system.

So far I have documented what I have done and the process works for me. 
The above link is to the first draft (the post scripting is not completed 
yet in document form).

Im not storing ISOs of the loads since:

1. I dont have the bandwidth
2. Im not sure if i can do that without providing the original isos from 
Fedora and that would suck since i dont have the bandwidth (see #1)

So I figure the project will be strictly process documentation composed of

Core+Base single cd load
Custom Server Loads based on the Core+Base load
  (like DNS, Syslog, Webserver, Snort, etc)

So anyone feel free to read the docs and send me feedback on areas that 
are unclear or maybe could be done better.

Eventually id like to script as much as possible but currently i just want 
to get the process docs finalized.

-Greg King

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