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Definitly I prefer epson, is cheaper than others .and. the ink is easy to find, you have a lot of model$ to select, almost all works withh any flavor of linux, in you can find a lot of drivers for any printer you want.
Luis Roberto
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Fecha: 16/12/2003 08:36:32 a.m.
Asunto: Re: Cheap printer advice
On Tuesday December 16, 2003 Juan Lupion <jll66@xxxxxx> wrote:
> After unsuccessfully trying to configure a Lexmark Z23
> (aka "paperweight") I've decided to trash it and buy a new
> printer.  My needs are modest -- I don't do a lot of printing
> and so I don't want to cash lots of money--.
> Naturally, I'm afraid of buying yet another winprinter, so this
> goes for the printing gurus:  I need a cheap printer for ocassional use,
> which are the ones that work with Fedora?
If you are looking for a laser printer, HP is still the best. Most have
PostScript and PCL built-in. Toner cartridges are relatively easy to find.
You can buy them with JetDirect interfaces and duplexers. And HP printers
are all built like Mercedes.
If you are looking for a color inkjet printer, HP would _not_ be your best
choice because if it ever breaks you must ship it back to them for repair.
The last time I checked, HP does not sell inkjet printer parts to local
repair shops. Several friends have bought Canon inkjets and like them. I
personally prefer Epsons. My Epson Stylus Color 980N has a built-in
JetDirect-type interface and is very well supported by FC1.
--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL
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