Re: xcdroast is fast...grip is too slow...

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Well taking ide-scsi out doesn't solve the problem. Grip still can't rip over 1X speed even with cdda2wav. Anyone else have some ideas as to why grip is so slow on my Laptop

Ben Steeves wrote:

On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 00:11, Brian Anderson wrote:

This seems to make sense because I get the exact same problem with rythmbox. However, why does xcdroast not have this problem? It goes through ide-scsi too. When you say "turn off" ide-scsi do you mean take hdb=ide-scsi out of the boot command line?

Yup. Xcdroast needs ide-scsi for its thing, grip doesn't. This may
cause some inconvenience if you need both to work on the same drive. I
have ide-scsi turned on on my CD-RW and turned off on my DVD-ROM.


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