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I certainly understand.  But if I can weigh in with an opinion as someone with more than 20 years experience in communications... all things considered this list is well ordered and articulate.  I think the "rules" per se, is a little much.  People that have something to say or those that need genuine help will learn how to express themselves properly.  Well... it worked for Helen Keller.


On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 22:18, Peter Eddy wrote:
Brian Connolly wrote:
> So Open Source really then doesn't equate to open mind.
> Ummmmmmmm.  That's too bad.

Brian, all that is being asked is that people on this list try to make 
it as easy as possible for other people to read their posts. The rules 
for doing so, which are generally accepted etiquette for usenet and 
lists like this one, have been posted.

It's not a question of having an open mind, it's a question of everyone 
else having enough time to sort through messy posts trying to figure out 
what is trying to be said. Please try to understand that people want to 
be helpful and contribute here, but they have other things to do as well.


> On Fri, 2003-12-12 at 19:51, Peter Eddy wrote:
>>/jdow wrote:
>>> If I have to live in a strait jacket why bother to post at all?
>>> (Hint, I hardly ever bother anymore.)
>>I think the best reason is that there's a lot of traffic on this list 
>>and by not following simple rules for legibility and consistency in 
>>posts it makes it much harder for everyone to get value out of this 
>>The other reason is that a lot of people will just ignore you if you 
>>don't follow the rules.

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