Re: problems faced with FC1

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Boon Wee  said:
> Hi,
> I installed FC1 and faced the following problems:
> 1)  My question is why is FC1 not supporting ReiserFS?

IIRC there is a switch to use with the installer for it to support
ReiserFS.  Not sure what it is off the top of my head, but it should be
either in the archives here, or in the fedora-test-list archives.

> 2) So I backed up my /home partition and wiped out everything. Installed
> successfully. But found that installing the alsa, xine, mplayer packages
> is a complicated process. It seems that most other distros ship with the
> alsa, xine, mplayer packages except for FC1 and RH9. Why is this so?

xine is installed, alsa IIRC will be default for the 2.6 kernel, mplayer
has  questionable legality in some countries.  mplayer also uses binary
dlls from windows which go against the stated objective of Fedora being
built "...exclusively from open source software".  That is not to say that
third parties haven't made easy to install packages of "media" software
(for example

> Is FC1 targetting itself at desktop/workstation based or server based
> users? IMHO, I believe multimedia capabilities should be included as
> base for desktop/workstation users?

Some things haven't changed:

William Hooper

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