problems faced with FC1

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I installed FC1 and faced the following problems:

1) During installation, the installation failed during partitioning. I found out that the reason is due to my /home partition, which I am trying to preserve, is formatted as a ReiserFS. It seems that FC1 installation cannot support a previously partition formatted in ReiserFS. My question is why is FC1 not supporting ReiserFS?

2) So I backed up my /home partition and wiped out everything. Installed successfully. But found that installing the alsa, xine, mplayer packages is a complicated process. It seems that most other distros ship with the alsa, xine, mplayer packages except for FC1 and RH9. Why is this so?

Is FC1 targetting itself at desktop/workstation based or server based users? IMHO, I believe multimedia capabilities should be included as base for desktop/workstation users?

Just my 2 cents worth of comments.

Boon Wee

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