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On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 18:35, nelson wrote:
> Im not sure this is the right place or not, but just installed Fedora
> and love it except that I can't seem to get flashplayer installed. 
> I'm doing everything the same as I did with Redhat 9 and it says that
> it's installed, but when I go to the browser, nothings there.  If I
> got the wrong list with this I apologize.

1. Download Flash Player 6.0
2. Decompress it, then copy and flashplayer.xpt to
your Mozilla plugins directory.

Important! Scripting Flash does NOT work with gcc3 builds of Mozilla.
Important!If Flash Player does not work, make sure you have a compatible
version of libstdc++ present ( On RedHat based
systems, install the package "compat-libstdc++" (Package "compat" on

The above taken word-for-word from...

Mark :-)

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